Hi, I’m Catherine, your Nia Instructor!

Nia is a joyful expression of the body, a wonderful mixture of the best of the best in fitness science. I am so excited to get started and to invite the community to come and work IT out with me! We are going to sweat, laugh and spread the joy! My Nia story has only just begun and I invite you to join in and be part of IT. Bring the body the mind will follow! All shapes and sizes!

My personal journey

I discovered Nia during a time of personal transition. In the martial arts community I am “Master Catherine,” a sixth-dan black belt in Taekwondo, the Korean martial art that is more than just kicking and punching, it is also a way of thinking and living. I came to Taekwondo from my career in nursing. Now Nia brings me full circle to combine my interest in healing with the confidence and strength-building of Taekwondo.

Master Catherine Chang

I love taekwondo and the martial arts. Taekwondo changed my life and inspired me to give up the “safe” career of nursing and dedicate my life to living “the way”. (Tae) means foot (Kwon) means hand or fist (do) means “the way” or the “art” of using the hands and the feet physically, mentally and spiritually. As a nurse I saw taekwondo as a tool to heal not to hurt. Now a professional instructor and school owner of Chang’s Taekwondo America for 15 years that has not changed and my love for taekwondo and the martial arts has not changed. Nia is the next step in my personal martial arts training.

Chang’s Taekwondo America or Nia Methuen — which should you choose?

For anyone seeking fitness and fun, I invite you to review all the programs offered at Chang’s Taekwondo America. Our team of experienced, CPR-certified, highly skilled black belt instructors are led by Grandmaster Young Soo Chang. We run membership-based taekwondo programs for children, adults, and families. Our state-licensed children’s program includes Summer Day Camp, state-licensed After-School program with pickup from Haverhill and Methuen schools and pickup as late as 6 pm, School Vacation full-day programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. Tiny Cubs and Tiny Lions are offered for toddlers and kindergartners. Separate from these membership programs, Chang’s Taekwondo America is now also the location of my newest venture, Nia Methuen, a fusion fitness program that is offered with per-class pricing packages.

Need help deciding between Nia and Taekwondo?

I meet many women who prefer the fusion fitness of Nia to the martial arts context of Taekwondo. Some of the women who try Nia might actually find Taekwondo a better fit for where they are in their personal journey. I am glad to meet with you and discuss your background and interests. Sign up for our trial Taekwondo membership to experience a few classes before you decide. Regardless of which you choose, I am here to support you and cheer you on!